Thursday, August 07, 2008

Amazing Talent

I have been watching America’s G0t Ta1ent this year and some of the contestants win your heart & vote with their introduction stories they tell before they perform, and others just hit a more personal note. The video below is a little girl named Victoria Jacoby, she is a beautiful girl adopted from China when she was 6 months old. Victoria is a very naturally talented child that has stolen my heart. I was totally in awe as this little girl addressed the judges and performed her talent with ease. A few episodes back Victoria was evicted from the competition. Unfortunately this week one of the acts that were remaining in the final 40 spots on the show had a serious injury forcing them to withdraw. Therefore, there is now an open spot in the contest and they are letting America choose who they want to put back in the competition and Victoria is one of the possible eight acts to vote back in!!

Take a look at the video below and after you watch it if you feel that Victoria should be put back into the competition then click HERE and vote for her.

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