Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gracias Mamá & Amigo!

This is my Mom, last night she came over to help me hang “new” curtains in our living room. We have been a very long time without curtains on our windows in the living room because I was hoping to get blinds instead of curtains. For months I have been searching for the perfect set of blinds.

Have you ever known in your head exactly what you want but are unable to find it for real? Well that was my situation with the blinds for our living room windows. I guess my friend LeeAnn got tired of seeing my windows bare because she actually gave me these curtains.
Thanks so much LeeAnn, they really changed the look of my room and I love them!!

BIG hugs to my Mommy!!
Thanks for all your help last night! ~xoxo~

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Weigh Day Results!

Weight Loss  loss weight

Everyone in our group had weight loss this week!

Between all of us we lost over 60 lbs!

Congratulations to all my co-workers who are working so hard so that they can live happy & healthy lives!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weigh Day #1

Tomorrow is the big day…the weigh in at work for our “Wait” Watchers group. I am so excited for our first weigh day. I hope I lost some weight or I am going to be very discouraged because I have stuck to the program and counted every single point, every day since we started.

I will report back tomorrow and let you all know how it turned out!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catching Up With Bullets

Some quick bullets to catch up, because the days keep slipping by and my posts are few and far between…

· So Larry is now back to work after a long time off due to shoulder surgery and extended physiotherapy. He is working some odd hours and I am missing him like crazy when he works in the evenings. After having him home all the time for the last few years, this is going to take a lot of getting used to. I hope it will get easier as time passes.

· Thursday was our first ~“Wait” Watchers~ meeting at work. For the next 20 weeks we will have meetings at work and encourage & support each other through this weight loss program. I have been excited to start so I hope I will do well.

· Thank goodness vacation season is soon over. I feel like I have been at the office more than I have been home.

· Last weekend Larry & I enjoyed an evening of N!ntendo “wee” with friends. We had a super fun night and can’t wait til’ Christmas because now the “wee” is at the top of our wish list. So Santa, if you read my blog add us to your list of “wee” requests this Christmas.

· Larry, Mom, Len & I went out for supper, at a local restaurant, a few weeks ago and I was so shocked when our meal arrived I just had to snap a picture. I ordered fish & chips, and check out the size of this!

(Some words in the above post are spelled wrong on purpose so that my blog does not show up on every search for this weight loss & game system)

I am very sad to see it go but I hope you all enjoy the last full week of summer!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


After a lot of time and work here are some of my favourite pictures from our vacation to PEI.

I loved making this so I hope you enjoy the show!

(If you click on the corner above, where it says scrapb1og, it should open another window so you can see the pictures larger)

Hopefully it was worth the wait!