Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catching Up With Bullets

Some quick bullets to catch up, because the days keep slipping by and my posts are few and far between…

· So Larry is now back to work after a long time off due to shoulder surgery and extended physiotherapy. He is working some odd hours and I am missing him like crazy when he works in the evenings. After having him home all the time for the last few years, this is going to take a lot of getting used to. I hope it will get easier as time passes.

· Thursday was our first ~“Wait” Watchers~ meeting at work. For the next 20 weeks we will have meetings at work and encourage & support each other through this weight loss program. I have been excited to start so I hope I will do well.

· Thank goodness vacation season is soon over. I feel like I have been at the office more than I have been home.

· Last weekend Larry & I enjoyed an evening of N!ntendo “wee” with friends. We had a super fun night and can’t wait til’ Christmas because now the “wee” is at the top of our wish list. So Santa, if you read my blog add us to your list of “wee” requests this Christmas.

· Larry, Mom, Len & I went out for supper, at a local restaurant, a few weeks ago and I was so shocked when our meal arrived I just had to snap a picture. I ordered fish & chips, and check out the size of this!

(Some words in the above post are spelled wrong on purpose so that my blog does not show up on every search for this weight loss & game system)

I am very sad to see it go but I hope you all enjoy the last full week of summer!


Janet said...

We're getting our kids a Wii for Christmas. Shhhh...don't tell.....:-)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Just dropping in to say hi... the last few days I have been searching for a place to stay in PEI... still unsure as to when we will go but I am determined to go...

Snickerdoodle said...

Hi there, to avoid having your blog come up in a search engine, just put an asterisk inside the word somewhere like this

W*ii and it won't get searched!!

Lots of bloggers do that!!

Have fun!!
Snick :)