Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SuperShopper Weekend

Who said it could be Christmas time already!!!!!!!!! Since I’ve been sick time has flown by and I am way behind on all of our decorating, buying, wrapping and baking. This weekend that just passed was a very busy one but it was a great shopping weekend.

Friday evening I went with Donna for a “date night” & late night shopping…woohoo Wa1mart is open 24 hr!! Donna & I went for supper and then hit the mall for about 3 ½ hrs, then off to WallyWorld for some shopping & laughs…we finally left there at midnight. One of our co-workers is leaving for Australia on Sunday so in honour of his trip here are pics of 2 very jealous girls.

Home of Australia

Usually when Donna & I go shopping there is more laughing than shopping and tonight was no exception!! Thanks for another fun night!!


Saturday was another special shopping trip. Lisa & I have not had a good full day shoppy trip in approx. 9 years. So finally after being long overdue we made plans for a shopping extravaganza!!! We had a wonderful day together shopping, laughing, and reminiscing.

Lisa & I went to college together and then we lived beside each other for a few years. 8 ½ years ago Lisa & her husband Jeff moved approx. 1 hr. away. We still see each other occasionally but they are now proud parents to 2 beautiful & sweet girls and are a very busy family.

This was a very special day and I am hoping we can make it a bi-annual event…what do you think Lisa…a trip in the summer and a trip in the winter??

Here we are with some of our loot for the day!

born to be love

Phew...I am still recovering after this busy, busy weekend but it sure was worth it!!


OH MY #6 said...

funny I was just thinking of you and wondering if you where better. Glad you are. Nothing like shopping therapy with friends.


Debz said...

Lol looks like you had a blast!
Merry Christmas girl.

Doug and Terrye said...

Hope you had a healthy Christmas...and that you were able to get your decorations up :)

Terrye in FL