Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Was It The Right Decision?

Right after Christmas my co-workers & I started taking the C*P*A payroll course. The first part runs for 8 weeks and there are two more parts after this one. It is hard to concentrate on studying when you have worked all day doing the same thing that you go home to study. My brain is in overload, lol!!! We are in the middle of the first application and it is consuming all of my evenings and spare time when I usually read blogs and post. I am not getting to follow what everyone is up to and I really miss it. I have been trying to keep up with some of you on F*aceB*ook. If I have not already added you please feel free to contact me by email or just add me by clicking on the link on my sidebar.

I have been tweaking my blog a bit with a new header and some fresh colours…hope you like it! I still have some things to the fall/autumn graphics on the sidebar but that will be a weekend project. I have a new header to work on for my friend Jocelyn. Once I get her header completed I will put a link here to her blog. She & her husband are waiting for their 2nd child from China. They should be getting the referral phone call very soon!!!!! WooHoo!!

We have some "stuff" going on right now with our adoption. Since we switched to the special needs (waiting children) program, as most of you know, we need to update our homestudy…again, to include this change. Our social worker moved quite a while ago and so we have had to find a new one to do this update. I am now waiting to hear from our new social worker with our first meeting date so we can get the ball rolling with our SN adoption.

While all this stuff is going on we were also trying to decide if it was in our best interest to switch agencies due to some recent changes they have made. After weeks of difficult consideration we started the process of switching agencies; but after some good conversations over the last 2 weeks with our current agency Larry & I have decided to remain with them. This was a very difficult decision for us and I really hope we have done the right thing...

How do you really know if what you have done is right??

Weigh In tomorrow…ugh! I really need to work hard at getting back on track with my eating since the Christmas holiday. I hope I didn’t do too badly!

So there you go that is a bit of an update of what has been happening with us over the last few weeks.

I probably won’t be posting all that much while I am taking the payroll course but I will post when I can and I will be thinking of all of you out there in blogland and missing you.


Brandi said...

Hi Nikki!

I didn't realize you had switched to SN (Guess I need to pay more attention). My husband & I switched also, and are currently waiting for PA for our 16month old daughter.

It's hard knowing whether you've made the right decision. I'm sure everything will be just fine.

Good luck with the weigh in!

3D said...

Sounds like a lot is going on. Hard decisions are tough to make and then you always wonder if it is the right one. Time will tell but if it feels right, then it usually is.

Keep smilin!