Monday, May 25, 2009

Here I sit…head spinning and time ticking!

Last week I made a phone call to my agency, just for some random questions … low and behold, part way through our conversation she says, “ oh by the way we received our special needs files for this summer”


I had no idea; I thought they weren’t arriving until later in the summer.

There are 11 families waiting on the active SN list with our agency and we are #6 on the list.

Now for a little Q & A:

Q - Are we close?

Q - Is our referral in this batch of files?

Q - When will we know?

All I do know right now is that our little girl’s picture could be sitting on someone’s desk in Ontario as her crucial information is translated from Chinese to English.

Q - Are we “ready”?

You would think after all these years I could confidently answer this question with a resounding “YES”, but for some reason now that we can see the light I am in a state of shock & panic! Every time I think about it I get butterflies in my stomach. I’m not sure if it is because it is getting close or because I am trying to guard my heart because of the unknown. As most of you know the adoption world is ever changing…you just never know when the rollercoaster could jump the tracks and get thrown off course!

But seriously…“Are we ready?”…Well, there is still a lot of preparation & paperwork to do, appointments and arrangements to be made, and a nursery to finish…but YES, YES, YES, in our heart of hearts we are more than ready for every single precious moment to come!!! Along with many friends & family!


It seems I can go from a very boring, ho-hum life to a crazy hectic one with the snap of a finger. Along with all of the referral excitement I am also trying to complete the second part of the payroll course I was working on before. I am trying to get through chapter 4 and all of the assignments, essays and quizzes that go along with it before Wednesday because on the weekend I will be doing the mid-term exam. I also have 4 appointments this week after work and will be starting the immigration paperwork for “Maggie”. I would also like to fit in some time for exercise, eating and bathing sometime during this hectic week, lol!!!

How will I ever find enough hours in the day when Maggie gets here!?!?

Now back to studying...time is ticking away…


Debz said...

Saying a prayer that you will see Maggie's sweet little face soon!!!
This is soooooo exciting!!!

redmaryjanes said...

Oh my word! I hope your child's file is there!!!

Michelle said...

This is so exciting!

Can't wait to hear more as it progresses!

Lisa said...

Holy cow!! I sure hope it's here in Ont. I'll be praying that it is.

Now, how in the world are you going to be able to focus on studying?? Good luck on that one. LOL

Joce and sometimes Shawn said...

Fingers and toes crossed for you guy. You are never ready, it is always a scary, nerve racking process but I know you guys will be great!!

Liene said...

Wow! That's definitely some interesting news. Here's hope that it will happen soon.

I can totally tell you what it's like to go from 0 to 60 in about 5 minutes. It's amazing how quickly life can change and still 2 1/2 months later (as it is in our case) you're saying to yourself, "What just happened?"

I don't know when I'm going to accept that this is real even though we already have TA and are leaving in 24 days!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

It has been a while since dropping in... sorry about that... life has been crazy but you do pop into my mind... hugs to ya...

Tina said...

how exciting! Hope you hear something soon,