Sunday, January 07, 2007

Another New Year!

Well back to reality after the holidays. What a great Christmas we had this year! Sydney was with us most of the time I had off of work and we were all very busy. Now we have lost of cleaning up and re-organizing to do. Very soon we will begin the HUGE task of taking everything from the "spare room" so that we can transform it into the "baby's room". I am so EXCITED!!

As most of you know we have the baby's name picked out already but we are keeping it a secret. I feel silly just calling her "baby" when I talk about her on here when she does actually have a name, so for blogger purposes I have decided to refer to her on here as MAGGIE. This is one of my favorite names in the world, of course I love the name we picked too (Larry didn't like the name Maggie that is why we are not actually calling her that).

I took so many pictures over Christmas that it was hard to decide which ones to put on here but here are a few for now. Maybe I will post more later.

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Lisa said...

Hey Nikki

This is really cool...I like what you have done. You know I will be checking back often. See ya soon!!