Wednesday, February 28, 2007

LID, Where Are You??

We are still waiting for the official word on our LID (Log In Date). Our documents were sent to China on Nov. 30/06, usually the LID is approximately 1 month later. LID's are not usually sent out until something else is comming to our provience so I am praying, even more than usual, that someone in Nova Scotia gets a referal soon!

While reading some of my favorite blogs this weekend I came accross this VIDEO. The little girl in this vodeo is Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter, Shaohannah Hope. The Chapmans have adopted three little girls from China. They have become passionate champions for adoption starting a foundation for adoption assistance and advocacy called Shaohannah’s Hope, named after the first of their adopted daughters. This family is truly insperational!

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Sherry Pippert :) said...

Sounds like a set of referrals is coming out really soon...hopefully some Nova Scotia ones will be included!! Can't wait to hear your LID milestone. Love your website!