Friday, April 27, 2007

Time To Catch Up

It doesn't really feel like that long since I posted but seems like so much has happened. I will try to catch you up quickly.

I baked my first batch of homemade bread. This was quite an adventure, but turned out so well!

Our cat Phantom had to go have her back shaved. Her fur got majorly matted and we were scared it was hurting her so we got it shaved off. She is doing much better now and the fur has started to grow back already.

I am a fan of American Idol and watch it every year, this year they did something very special.

"Idol Gives Back" - A historic TV event – a two-night special on April 24 and 25 which will save and change the lives of children and young people in extreme poverty in both the USA and Africa.
Here is a clip from the show of Carrie Underwood that I enjoyed.
Here is a picture of the remaining top six Idol contestants this year.

I filled out and sent my questionaire for the secret pal gift exchange on my DTC/LID DEC 2006 Yahoo group.
This is a group I belong to online that consists of people (from all around the world) who were DTC or LID the same month as we were. They are a terrific support group since they are all going throught the same things that we are. The secret pal gift exchange is a fun way to pass the time we have to wait. Every two months we will purchase and send out a gift to our secret pal and in return we will receive one from our secret pal.

Larry finally received a surgery date and it has since been changed due to him being sick. Larry then decided he would like to share his sickness and passed it on to me.

I was hoping we could do something exciting this weekend but we're just not feeling up to it. I am still hoping that we will be able to go out for supper on Sunday for our 4 month LID-aversary. (LID-aversary - Log In Date Anniversary)

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