Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lorne Greene's New Wilderness?

For the past little while the wild animals around our hose have taken over! We have quite a variety of animals from birds, squirrels and rabbits to ducks, pheasants, deer, porcupine and raccoons. Everyone knows how cute these animals all are ... BUT ... when they are coming to our yard all day and all night eating my shrubs, trees, flowers, and bird food (apparently not just for the birds anymore)they can be very annoying. They are getting very brave too. If I am out on my chair swing talking they will still come in the yard. A couple of weeks ago we had company over and we were out at the campfire, all of a sudden we could hear this snorting and grunting in the woods ... it was the deer letting us know they wanted to pass through the yard. Boy oh boy, they will soon just come in the house! Well I will leave you with some pictures from last night. This is what we saw as we were eating supper, lol!

For my readers that are not Canadian or are too young to remember, HERE is where my blog title came from, for this post.

"Do you remember this show?"


Doris & Dan said...

I remember that show.

Those are lovely pics. Hope nature takes a hike from your yard soon! LOL

Keep smilin!

Juliette said...

Hello from another fellow December DTC group member! I just sent you your postcard so it's ok not to have sent them yet :-) You were the only other Canadians of the swap group!!
Have a nice weekend.