Monday, July 09, 2007

Now For A Short Commercial Break…

As many of our regular visitors may or may not have noticed I have made a few changes to our blog in the last couple of weeks.

First and most noticeable change (and the one that I am the most proud of) would be my new blog header (look up, look way up). I am very happy with how the top of my blog looks now, actually I LOVE IT!! I am also very impressed because I did it all by myself!! (Yup, I’m tootin’ my own horn)

To say the least I started out a very inexperienced blogger. Before we made the decision to adopt I had never even looked at a blog, but once I got started…well I guess you could say I was hooked! I have been trying to learn more about HTML (see definition below) on my own so that I can better navigate this “blogging hobby.” (Yeah! That’s what it is, it’s a hobby NOT an addiction!!) Luckily one of my friends (Donna) has a book that she used in school that has information about HTML and she is going to let me borrow it…let’s see what I can do with a little self training.

Definition of HTML
HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.
1. Hypertext is ordinary text that has been dressed up with extra features, such as formatting, images, multimedia, and links to other resources.
2. Markup is the process of taking ordinary text and adding extra symbols. Each of the symbols used for markup in HTML is a command that tells a browser how to display the text.

Some of the other new features I have added to the right hand side of my blog are:

~ A blog answering machine! This is one of the coolest blog tools I have seen. I love it!! It is very fun and easy to use, give it a try before you leave.

~ A link so you can send us an email message. (click on EMAIL US!)

~ A link to take you back in time (if you are really bored) to our MSN blog, before I could even figure out Blogger! LOL!!

~ FeedBlitz – this is a handy little gizmo for friends and family who do not follow any other blogs. You just type in your email address and every time I make a new entry on our blog you will receive an email to let you know. Then you don’t have to keep checking when I haven’t made any entries. This is also a good way for you not to forget about checking our blog!! (Thanks for subscribing already Karryann)

So there is a run down of all our new blog gadgets. I hope you find some of them useful.


Mark & Michelle said...

Great job!

I too have done some 'tweaking' on my blog - and surprisingly I am enjoying it!!

Doris & Dan said...

Cool stuff! What is the site that you used to link to your old blog?

Keep smilin!

Jiinkin Designs said...

Nikki or Larry,

I am checking back after sending you an email. I didn't want a public post on your site. Unfortunately I must ask you to remove my artwork from your blog header ("Red Thread Parade" & "Wo Ai Ni". It is copyrighted and you have not even given credit to the artist. Me. It is illegal to copy and use artwork such as this. I am asking that you remove the artwork immediately.

Stephanie Wise