Monday, October 08, 2007

Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my Canadian blogger pals!!

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Larry and I went to my Mom's for ham dinner. Of course we all stuffed ourselves silly. I had made individual cherry and blueberry cheesecakes for dessert and they were so yummy!

After all the dinner mess was cleaned up my Mom and I went to town to browse some of the little shops. I found some good ideas for Christmas gifts.

Oh by the way, there is just:

The question this our last Christmas without Maggie????


Doris & Dan said...

Gobble, gobble to you and yours.

I hope it is!

Keep smilin!

Sherri said...

Those tarts look amazingly delicious!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Angie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Those little cheesecakes look soooo yummy!
75 days to Christmas???? OHHH NOO! I better get busy!