Thursday, May 08, 2008

Secret Revealed

Last week we received our secret pal gift in the mail, it was so well worth the wait! What an amazing package of gifts we received! In the picture you can see the cutest pair of ladybug jammies and a stuffed ladybug too. I have decided that the stuffed ladybug deserves a spot on my desk at work so I can see it every day. Larry absolutely loved, loved, loved the Footprints plaque. The books are super and we were very happy to add them to our ever-growing collection.

Our secret pal revealed herself this time and I was so excited to see that Norma was my secret pal! Norma was the secret pal that we bought for in our very first exchange. Thank you so very much for all the thought and time you spent buying us just the perfect gift each and every exchange. I appreciated all the small details of personalized handmade cards and lovely wrapping paper. It was certainly a pleasure getting to know you during this exchange and I hope we will stay in contact.

Norma, I know you are dealing with some very difficult things right now. You are in my thoughts often and I pray that you can find peace as time passes. Take care and keep in touch.

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