Tuesday, February 10, 2009

News, News and More Good News!!!

Looking Good

Yesterday I took my payroll course mid-term exam. I was having a really hard time preparing myself for this exam. I have found this course very detailed, time consuming and lengthy. I know that it will be a benefit for me to have this certificate in the future but I sure will be glad when it is all over with! My mark for the mid-term was 88%, not the best but after all the stressing I did over it, I will gladly accept the 88% and move on.

Now on to the BEST news …

I was very surprised to come home Friday night, after grocery shopping, to find a message left on our service from Children’s Bridge (CB). I sat down to listen to it and thank goodness I did!! Cathy called to let us know that we have finally been moved from the “Call Back List” to the “Official Waiting List”!!!!! I was so thrilled to receive this call and couldn’t wait to give Children’s Bridge a call back.

Yesterday I received the weekly newsletter from CB and noticed that there was a bit of a change with some of the estimates for referral wait times. Cathy does not work in the CB office on Monday’s so I had to wait until today to return the call. She went over the stuff in the message from Friday and I had a few questions to ask and she answered them. Then she proceeded to let me know that the next batch of files from the CCAA should arrive in April and that we could expect our referral sometime THIS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so shocked & surprised when she said that!!! I was expecting to wait much longer! I nearly had a heart attack!

After waiting and wondering, living the last couple years with doubt and disappointment … this was AMAZING news for us!

I’m still not even sure how to express my happiness and yet I can barely contain my excitement! I want to cry, laugh, scream & dance all at once. So I found a song that suited my mood and I thought I would share it.

Take a listen, it is bound to at least get stuck in your head & make you chair dance for a bit. Enjoy the flashback!


Janet said...

WOO HOO! Now THAT is worth a happy dance for SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Congrats on doing so well on the test(I think 88% is GREAT!), and especially on the second one. So cool!

Love that song. Brings back good memories. How can you not be happy when listening to that?

Rhonda said...

Great news all around!

Sherri said...

That is awesome news.

Congrats on your test mark too!

OH MY #6 said...

lots of good news!


3D said...


Keep smilin!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Congrats to you both... super exciting...

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you!!!! It will be no time now and you'll get your referral. When did you switch over to SN? It wasn't that long agao was it? What did you request? We are thinking of switching next year when our file has to be updated if then no change in the timeline for NSN.

88% Way to go!

Lisa said...

That is exciting news all around.

I also love that song. Says it all doens't it?

kerri said...

Congrats on good news all around!!
Bring on the summer!!!!!!

Alyson and Ford said...

Congratulations on EVERYTHING!
Thanks for stopping by our blog!

Alyzabeth's Mommy