Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thieves in the Night

I know there are people out there reading this but you are like thieves in the night you sneak in get what you want and leave without a trace! Well you have been caught!! Fess up and don't make me send the Blogger Cops after you!!

PLEASE leave a comment if you visit, I would love to hear from you!! Anyone can leave a comment, if you do not have a Blogger account all you have to do is select the option ANNOMOUS. Please, don’t forget to sign your comment or I won’t know who left it. Come on now, my Mom is computer illiterate and she is leaving me wonderful comments! It really makes my day to see new comments, so come on…give it a try…I promise it won’t hurt!

Since you are here and I am nagging, I will also let you know I also have a GUESTBOOK that you can sign to let me know you were here. It is right over there -> ->

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who HAS been leaving me comments lately. Every blogger loves to get comments!

Welcome to all of my new readers as well!

These comments are eventually going to be a part of our daughter's memory book, so come on, don't you want her to know you were there for her the whole journey!! (Guilt trip, LOL!!)

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Doris & Dan said...

Always enjoy your posts!

Keep smilin!

Kathy and Joel said...

Totally caught!!! I've got you on Bloglines and enjoy reading your thought. :)

amy said...

YOu make me want to comment..I cant figure out the whole blogline thing but maybe later..
We are LID 4/23/07

LOve this blog

Alana said...

comment comment... I will comment, because I,too, know the joy a good comment can bring. Now stop bugging me so I can go read the rest of your blog!

jaj said...

De-lurking to say Hey! And happy 5 months down!

Mark & Michelle said...


Thanks for the nice welcome!