Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a special day for us to express our love and gratitude for our Mother’s. Today I would like to introduce you all to my Mother, Suzette. She is a wonderful, giving, beautiful, loving, and thoughtful person. When I was growing up my Mother gave me room to spread my wings so I could go on my own life journey, even when she thought it was the wrong choice.

She let me test the waters of life but she was always waiting on the shore with a life preserver and towel; so that if my adventure took a wrong turn she was able to save me, dry me off, and get me back on track.

For Larry and I, my Mother is one of our biggest supporters in all that we set out to accomplish, especially our decision to adopt. She is going to be a fantastic Grandmother, and I can’t wait for our baby to meet her. She has been reading and researching since we began our adoption process; as well as purchasing a million-and-one baby items! (Just to clarify, I acquired my shopping skills from my shop-a-holic Mother)

We end up arguing and bickering when we are together but usually it is something silly and we get over it rather quickly and are back to our usual “chatty” selves. (Anyone that knows us, knows that we could talk a hole through an iron pot!)

Because of my Mother
I have become the person I am today.

My supporter, my confidant, my life long teacher, my biggest fan, my best friend …


Love you MOM!! XOXOXO


Mom You've given me so much,
Love from your heart
and the warmth of your touch.
You are my Mother so dear;
I love you even more
with each and every new year.
If I could have chosen,
I would have picked no other.
Than for be my lifelong friend
and Precious Mother.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of you who are Mothers, will be Mothers, have Mothers, or are missing your Mothers. Today is a day to reflect and enjoy all of the memories from the past, present, and the memories to come in the future! Hope your day is wonderful, however you spent it!

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Anonymous said...

You certainally know how to push my buttons.I'm very surprised you didn't want to be here to witness the ugly face!!!I thought I was going to have to come over & loan your sump pump! The verse is nice ,the letter is soooo great & the photos leave something to be desired,but I don't suppose there are any better ones of me.We all know I take terrible pics.All I can say is THANKS!! I sooo wish Nannie were here to witness this miricle to be.I know she along with Grampie & Gage will be with us on our journey.I LOVE YOU BOTH OVER THE MOON & BACK!!!XOXO MOM