Saturday, September 22, 2007

Late Vacation Recap

Well I think I am a little late with this post considering our vacation was 2 weeks ago but here it is.

We had a fantastic time in New Brunswick ! There was so much to do that now we need to go back so we can do some of the things that we missed this time. Magnetic Hill and the Magnetic Hill Zoo were the first places we went.

After spending most of the afternoon there we headed to where I had booked us a suite, not realizing it was kinda’ in the middle of nowhere!! Our suite was located in Alma. Alma is a very small village on the edge of Fundy National Park, very beautiful and relaxing but not too much excitement. Now when I say a very small village I mean there was one street and one general store that contained all your survival needs under one roof.

Alma reminded me of a small creepy town out of a horror movie, so our first night there I was pretty freaked out and didn’t get much sleep. (By the way if you are planning a trip that requires you to stay in a suite, motel or hotel…do not watch the movie Vacancy.)

Just incase you are interested this is the trailer for the movie Vacancy. (WARNING this is a Horror / Thriller movie and I don't want to be the cause of anyone having nightmares.)

Even though the town was creepy at night it was beautiful during the day!

Our suite was absolutely perfect!! I was so pleased with our room and service that I would return just because it was so wonderful.

On Wednesday (our 2nd day) we headed to Saint John for some shopping at the Saint John Market, what a great place!!

After a morning of shopping we went to visit Andrea, Mark and Paige. We had a great visit and then we all went out for Chinese food, yummy!! It was such a beautiful evening we chatted in the parking lot for a bit and then Larry and I headed back to Alma.

It was getting late when we left so we ended up driving through Fundy National Park in total darkness!! For any of you that haven't been there or don’t know, these are the signs you see along the road!

Deer are one thing but nerves were shot by the time we got back to Alma!!!! I was scared to death we were going to hit one but we made it back safe and sound. **Big sigh of relief**

Thursday was our day to check out of our room. Our first stop this morning was Hopewell Rocks I can’t really put into words how awesome this place is, I think the pictures say it all.

Next it was back to Moncton for a little more sightseeing and some shopping at Champlain Place. We actually ended up spending most of the afternoon here because there were so many stores!! Early evening we headed for some supper and got a little lost, for about an hour and a half, lol!! Finally after asking directions we made it to where we wanted to eat which was close to the highway home. Andrea and Mark had invited us to stay at their place for another night but after our long day shopping and getting lost it was time to head for home. We discovered a very important piece of information on this trip … neither one of us can read a map, lol!!

This was a great first vacation and can’t wait until next summer to head out again … I’m thinking Prince Edward Island next year …


Sherri said...

That sounds like a great vacation! I have never been there, but we almost went to the Bay of Fundy and Magnetic Hill this summer. I will tell my husband that we have to avoid Alma if we ever do make that trip!! Thanks for that tip!!

redmaryjanes said...

It looks like you guys had a fantastic time~I love all of the wonderful pictures.

Doris & Dan said...

You went to some of my favorite places.

Keep smilin!