Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Look What I Did Tonight Night!!

Well here is attempt number two. It is not perfect but it is better than nothing (and it was fun to do). Let's hope this header can stay for a little while. Now that I have received some pointers and info about making these (thanks Danny), I may change it later on just for the fun of it!!

Thanks to everyone for your support, tips & offers. I am so glad to have people reading that care!!


Sorry I was so bummed out in my last post, I was just disappointed. Happy posts from here on out, lol!!!

I will be posting again soon about our trip to New Brunswick and my "Carmondy Calendar" creation.

Time for bed...nighty, night!!


Doris & Dan said...

Looking good!

Keep smilin!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Yeah! Welcomeback!! Love what you've done with your header! Now you teach me!

redmaryjanes said...

Your new header looks beautiful! You did that yourself? Wow~

The Carmodys said...

Thanks for the comment on our blog. I had no idea our "Carmody Calendar" was so famous. Have fun - looking forward to seeing it.


Sherri said...

Thanks for your very nice comments on my blog! I'm happy that you enjoy reading it!

I will be checking in on yours as I love to follow along while families are waiting.

P.S. I, too, am excited for Survivor China...2 more weeks!!

Dawn and Dale said...

BEAUTIFUL blog!!!!

We've had a "Carmody Calendar" for a year already and it is sooooo great for our boys!!!

It was a great idea the Carmody's had hey??!!!

Can't wait to see yours!!

Brandi said...

I know this is an old post...but I was reading back a bit and noticed this post about changing your header on the blog. I would love some pointers on how to change some of the stuff on my blog...and make it more original. Do you mind sharing? Either on your blog or by personal email? Thanks!