Monday, December 03, 2007

Our New Secret Pal Sent Surprises!

Many thanks to our secret pal for the wonderful gifts. We received 2 Christmas placemats, a hat and bib set, a gingerbread house candleholder, a beautiful Christmas ornament that says “Believe in Miracles” and the cutest little Christmas dress.


I can’t wait for the next swap!!

(Click Image To Enlarge)

To our secret pal and all secret pal swappers ...

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Debz said...

Aren't secret pals the bestest!

ps. Your kitty is adorable!

Catherine said...

Beautiful! What a pretty Christmas dress!

Doris & Dan said...

Great SP gifts!

Keep smilin!

Janet said...

That dress is GORGEOUS!

Brandi said...

Love the gifts...especially the cute dress! Aren't secret pals the best?!

Ashley Winters said...

Secret pals rock! Great gifts!