Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Parties and Pictures and No Power...

~ Well our power is out so while it is I will write a (much needed) post in Word and have it ready for Blogger when the power comes back on. ~

Last weekend we were very busy with Christmas parties. First we had the Children’s Bridge Christmas party to go to and then the same night we also went to my company party. The Children’s Bridge Christmas party is always nice to go to because it is great getting to see all the beautiful little cuties home with their forever families. Each time we go to one of the Children’s Bridge get-togethers we get to see the dreams really do become reality. It was especially nice this year because Son Pham got to attend as well. Son Pham is a little boy from Vietnam who came to Canada in hopes of receiving medical treatment. Children’s Bridge has been very involved in helping Son find the medical care he requires. Click HERE for more information and ways to help.

Here are some pictures of the adorable little munchkins from the party.

Our company party was an absolute BLAST! Earlier this month our company decided against having a Christmas party. So three of us, myself, Donna and Lee Ann, decided to take it into our own hands and put together our own company Christmas party for everyone. After a meeting and some company support, in 2 ½ short weeks we had the party planned. Everything was ready, including location, food, prizes, speeches, decorations and a DJ. We had fun planning everything and I would do it again!

Here are some pictures from our evening.

(I'm not sure that doing "The Locomotion" with co-workers is a good idea...)

I also got my hair cut last week, it was getting long and I couldn’t do anything with it so it was time for a change. If I get brave I might post a before and after picture. :o)

~ Our power was out for over two hours, oh well I guess it could have been worse. ~

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

It seems like fun was had by all... our (if you can call it that) Christmas Party is at work today... go out eat and get back to work... whooo hooo... work is buying the drinks and hamburger... everyone else takes something. I am not going... it is my day off! Come to my house... we will have a Christmas Party... hehe