Saturday, June 09, 2007

I Love Hand Me Down's

A couple day ago Doris posted about some of the items she has kept from her childhood to pass on to her daughter. I thought I would post about a few of the items I have saved to pass on. I have quite a few items that Sydney, my niece, used; assorted toys & clothes. One thing that I love and have kept of hers is this Christmas dress:
I also have a few old quilts, handmade by my grandmother and a Winnie the Pooh sleeping bag I used as a child.

Here is my Nannie’s handy work close up:

(Click on them to make them larger.)

My most cherished hand me down item I have is this blue, wool, fur-trimmed dress. I have old pictures of my Mother wearing this dress when she was young. I also have pictures of myself in it when I was little, so I can’t wait to see “Maggie” in this dress too!
(Please excuse the wrinkles, this has been packed away a LONG tome, lol)

I could not post about all the hand me down stuff because there is just too much; I guess this is the benefit of being a third generation...


amy said...

What sweet items to pass down!!!

Doris & Dan said...

What great items! Real treasures.

Keep smilin!