Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lunch Anticipation/Baby Equipment

I am looking forward to lunch time tomorrow…yes I love food, but even better…my co-worker that left almost a year ago is coming out to lunch with all of us girls she used to work with! I can’t wait to see her and get chance to catch up, she doesn’t live that far away we just never take the time to get together…you know how it is. We are extending our lunch an extra half hour so we can have some extra time and not have to rush…YAHOO!! I can’t wait, see you tomorrow Nancy!!

I also thought about something I was supposed to post a long time ago, our new baby “equipment”. A lot of you know that we have purchased a car seat for “Maggie” but not all of you have gotten to see it, so I thought I would post a picture of it on here. I saw this car seat on another family’s blog and I searched for about 2 months for it, and then gave up and decided I would wait and find something else. Then one day when I was on Sears looking at the baby stuff guess what I stumbled across…

Safety 1st® 'Intera' Convertible Car Seat

• NEW!
• one of the most versatile car seats
• rear facing for 5-30 lb.
• forward facing with base and harness for 22-40 lb.
• forward-facing booster with or without back used with seat belt for children weighing 40-100 lb.
• 5-point harness system
• 4 harness height positions
• fully wrapped cushioned fabric pad with deep side wings for more support
• easily removes for washing
• 3-position recline
• latch system
• cup holder (not shown)

I was so glad to find it. I showed it to Larry and he ordered it right away!

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Doris & Dan said...

Have a fun lunch!

I love the car seat. Too cute!

Keep smilin!