Thursday, February 07, 2008

Still Missing

Since I posted on Sunday there has been no new news of 12-year-old Karissa who went missing 11 days ago. An aerial search of the local area Monday turned up no sign of her. RCMP divers that did an underwater search found no trace of Karissa yesterday after the second day of searching the river behind where she went missing.

Here is the link to a local paper with the story: The Daily News

Child Find Nova Scotia is looking for volunteers to distribute posters. If you would like to print and distribute posters in your area here is the link: Child Find Poster

Karissa, we are praying for you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki,
Yes I am on Facebook. I am under the St john's network and on my profile picture I have on a beige fleece jacket, if that helps. I looked for you a number of times but was unable to find you.

Ashley Winters said...

How awful! I pray that she is soon found and returned home to her family.

B said...

I linked back to your blog through Catherine's Chatter and was startled to see this young girl's photo. Her disappearance is making headlines on radio shows in the Toronto area. With family from the Bridgewater and Chelsea areas this news caught my ear earlier today.
I'm praying for her and her family.