Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Secret Pal Thanks!

Our secret pal gift arrived on Thursday but our group always picks one day to open our gifts together, so I had to wait until Saturday. One minute after midnight on Friday, I was ripping open our box!! How exciting to see that everything was wrapped so pretty with ribbon and what looked like homemade paper. What a very crafty secret pal we have! There was even a handmade card!

We received a beautiful Precious Moments picture frame that I absolutely adore. Obviously my secret pal is very observant because I collect Precious Moments. We also received the year of the rat stamp, a fun book called “Where Do Kisses Come From?” and a beautiful Sarah’s Angels nightlight. Larry also received his own special gift, a Montreal Canadian’s key chain!

Here is a picture of all the wonderful presents we received. (Before and after they were opened.)

Look at all those stamps!

Thank you, thank you secret pal!! Everything was so special!!

Secret Pal, You ROCK!!

Oh, and just for the record … January 29th was our 13 month LID.


OH MY #6 said...

just wonderful.

I just noticed you are in the Peppermint Pearl Group too. Is that where you have your secret pal?


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Congrats on your little anniversary... I just had my 22nd? I have given up counting... take care...

Debz said...

Nice pressies,
Happy 13th LID and Happy Chinese New Year too!